How Mobile Phones Can Actually Help Keep Your Children Safe and Sound

How Mobile Phones Can Actually Help Keep Your Children Safe and Sound

Usually giving children mobile phones is frowned upon. After all, it usually implies introducing them to the addictions of the virtual world and helping them bid adieu to real interactions and outdoor activities or so the notion goes. Now while these observations do hold a certain degree of truth in them, there’s no denying that giving your children smartphones even come with its fair share of perks. One of the biggest is that it keeps them safe and sound. Here is how a smartphone works to accomplish this task.

Keeps you connected to your child

You cannot offer your parental supervision and accompany your children wherever they go all the time. This gets truer as they grow up. However, knowing that you can ring them up and get in touch with them wherever they are gives you a certain sense of peace. You are informed about why they are late. The same goes for when they miss their bus. You are not left fretting and fuming when they do not reach home on time. A voice or video call is enough to keep you informed and let you know that they are safe.

Navigating through unknown streets is a breeze

Sometimes, you have to head to an unfamiliar destination and are left floundering while sometimes you thread a little further from your beaten track and get lost. Your children are no different. The navigation feature on smartphones however makes it easy for your kids to reach their desired destination in a safe and secure manner. Children, when taught how to use this device, can find the fastest route available and reach the destination of their choice without wasting time or going further astray than they already are. 

Let’s you track their whereabouts

As a parent, you need to have some kind of device that gives you a glimpse into your children’s whereabouts and locations, particularly if your kids are teens or pre-teens. A Panasonic 4G mobile comes as the ideal device that offers you the convenience of knowing where your kids are all the time. The built-in GPS in these devices makes it easy to keep a check of their geographical location so you are always aware of where they are.

The safety apps available come as a blessing

There are also specific safety apps you can download onto a phone that children can use when they are in danger. Whether it is in the form of pressing the power button a few times to send alerts to near and dear ones or clicking a command that makes hailing a cab or finding the quickest route where public transport is available easier, a smartphone can effortlessly get you out of a sticky situation without any qualms. Calling the local authorities if your child feels endangered in any way is also quick and easy.

Serves as a training tool

As parents, your focus solely lies on helping your children become responsible adults. Much like how you interact with your children about finances, their career path and how to get along with people, you want your child to understand how to utilize communication tools effectively too. Giving your children a cellphone from brands like Panasonic India Smartphones, OPPO, Vivo Mobiles, etc teaches them practical lessons on how to interact with people in an apt way. This is also a wonderful opportunity to let them know about the type of behavior to avoid and how they can be safe.

It teaches kids to be more responsible

When you give your children a smartphone, you are in a way showing them that you trust them enough to let them have one in the first place. You are reassuring them you trust them with a certain level of control and authority over their lives. This helps them become more responsible as it builds a moral compass that teaches children whom to converse with and whom to stay away from. Giving your children a smartphone and sharing with them a few but essential guidelines on how to go about using it is a smart way to keep them informed and aware of the surrounding dangers, helping them keep themselves secure.

Besides matters relating to their safety, a smartphone can be a wonderful learning tool that helps children gather information and take reference from sources they need which further adds depth and dimension to their study. Besides this, there are various interactive games that nurture and develop the brains and minds of your children. There’s no doubt that giving your children a mobile phone can be a double-edged sword but as long as you keep them abreast of what is acceptable and not, you can find that mobile phones can actually prove to be a boon when it comes to keeping them informed, safe and away from harm’s reach in a desirable way.

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